Dumpster Rentals in Bay Shore

Whether you’re in the midst of a building project, if you’re moving or if you’re seeking a waste management solution for your business property, renting a dumpster might be the right choice.

Cherokee Contracting, Inc. has been offering superior dumpster rental services in Bay Shore and the surrounding area for years, and we take great pride in the services we deliver our clients.

Not only are our dumpster rentals affordable, but we offer flexible scheduling, quick and reliable removal and, of course, fantastic client support.

To learn more about dumpster rentals or to request yours today, dial (631) 650-9603.

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Affordable Dumpster Rentals

Hiring a dumpster service shouldn’t break the bank, and with Cherokee Contracting, Inc. it won’t. Our dumpster rental services are offered at competitive rates so that they can be available to as many deserving customers as possible.

The cost of your dumpster rental will depend on the product you use, how often it needs to be emptied, and the duration of the rental, but we’ll be happy to crunch some numbers and provide you with pricing from the get-go.

If you are working on a tight budget or have questions or concerns about our pricing, please let our experts know. We’ll do what we can to accommodate you!

A Dumpster Company Committed to Customer Care

Even though we offer a service that is pretty hands-off, our customer service agents are always available when you need us. Whether you have questions about your rental, if you’re experiencing issues or if you need your dumpster emptied earlier than expected, you are always welcome and encouraged to get in touch.

We promise that every staff member you interact with on our team will be kind, patient, knowledgeable and easily able to answer your questions without delay.

We are proud of the superior services we offer, and we look forward to exceeding expectations every step of the way!

Dumpster Rentals for Every Project

No matter the kind of work you’re doing when you need a reliable dumpster rental, you need Cherokee Contracting, Inc.. We have worked with business owners and individuals completing various unique projects, and we’re very confident we’ll be able to provide you with the help you need.

Our clients include but are certainly aren’t limited to:

  • General contractors
  • Home remodelers
  • Commercial construction companies
  • Landscaping teams
  • Hardscaping teams
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Malls

There are also many people that choose to rent a dumpster when they are cleaning out a home or business space. Having a large, secure waste management tool on site is bound to make any project easier.

Keep Your Site Clean with Good Waste Management

If you’re involved in a messy construction, landscaping or moving project, keeping your space clean and organized is a priority, and having a sound waste management system on hand can make a world of difference. Our company allows you to rent multiple dumpsters depending on the size of your project and your overall needs. We are happy to come and empty your dumpsters as often as required, so please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Keeping your waste out of the way will allow your project to move forward smoothly – so why not invest today?

Make a Good Impression on Your Neighbors with Dumpster Rentals

Renting a dumpster will allow you to keep your property neat and tidy and make your neighbors happy. This is especially important if you are a business owner. The last thing you want is your waste management system to jeopardize the reputation of your operation, and with a reliable dumpster, it won’t.

Flexible Dumpster Rentals

If you are working on a significant project, you may need your dumpster for days, weeks, even months on end, and with Cherokee Contracting, Inc., that’s really no problem. We have dozens of waste containers on hand and are happy to rent you one, two or even three at a time. The duration for which you can utilize the dumpster is also flexible. We understand that plans change, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your services are as accommodating as possible.

Do you need dumpster rental on the fly? Let us know. We’ll find a product that suits your needs and drop it by at your location fast.

Large, Reliable Dumpsters

Not only are our dumpsters large, spacious, and high-quality, but they’re safe too. The lids close, so you don’t have to worry about pests infesting your spaces. They are also easy to use with the right equipment.

If you have questions about the dumpsters we carry or any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach us by phone or email today.

A Dumpster Rental Company that Puts Your Needs First

Over the years, our team has learned that every company has unique needs, and we’ll take the time to understand yours. Whether you are looking to hire multiple dumpsters for a significant construction project, or if you need one to store at the back of your restaurant, our team will be happy to accommodate you.

We are also happy to schedule dumpster emptying or complete the task whenever needed.

We work to be readily available to our clients all the time, so please don’t hesitate to reach us by phone or email with any requests.

Responsible Waste Disposal

Not only will our team pick up the waste in your dumpster, but we’ll dispose of it responsibly, too, so you don’t have to worry about your environmental impact.

We’ve been working in this business for years and have found the very best systems for excellent waste removal, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Dozens of home and business owners in the Bay Shore area trust our dumpsters and our team, and you should too.

Contact the Area’s Best Waste Management Company

With a passion for responsible waste removal and an unwavering dedication to the needs of our customers, Cherokee Contracting, Inc. has become one of the most trusted dumpster rental companies in the local area, and we look forward to working with you.

Call us to request a service today.

Dumpster Rentals at Your Service!

Cherokee Contracting, Inc. is your top choice for dumpster rentals in Bay Shore and the surrounding area. Since opening our doors, we’ve been helping property owners and contractors manage their waste and remove junk fast. Our professional-grade roll-off dumpsters, delivered on time, provide a convenient and affordable way to tidy up after any project, saving you time and money in the process.

To rent a dumpster or to get a quote, give us a call at (631) 650-9603 today.


Hassle-Free Waste Removal

Cherokee Contracting, Inc. is making it simpler, smarter, and more affordable to get rid of your waste.

Our roll-dumpsters are the hassle-free solution to cleaning up your space fast while staying within budget. All you need to worry about is filling your dumpster. We’ll supply it. We’ll unload it. And we’ll haul it away when you’re done with it. Couldn’t be simpler.

Whether you’ve just finished a construction job or are doing some big-time spring cleaning, our dumpster rentals are just the ticket you’ve been looking for. Ensure a tidy worksite and keep your project on track with one of our dumpster rentals. With our competitive rates and on-time deliveries, you’ll never have to worry about our services affecting your bottom line.

With our roll-off dumpster rental services, you can expect:

  • Professional-grade dumpsters
  • Flexible scheduling
  • On-time delivery and pick-up
  • Upfront quotes
  • Competitive rates
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our dumpster rentals. Contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation to assess your needs and determine a suitable rental schedule.

Durable, Affordable Dumpster Rentals

Our dumpsters are professional-grade roll-off dumpsters suitable for industrial, residential, and commercial applications, including post-construction clean-up. Whether you have a small home reno coming up or something bigger, we have you covered with a complete range of dumpsters to rent. Whatever the size or scope of the job, you can count on us as your premier dumpster rental company.

Not only are our dumpsters up to all industry standards, but they’re also affordable. We maintain a slim margin backed by lean business practices to drive down costs, allowing us to deliver the most cost-effective dumpster rental services available. You won’t have to worry about paying more than what you should with us: We always consider at-market costs to ensure our rental prices stay reasonable.

Discover the value of our rental services firsthand. Contact us today to request a quote.

On-Time Dumpster Deliveries

Here at Cherokee Contracting, Inc., punctuality is our specialty. We offer prompt, dependable service to deliver your dumpster on time, every time. With rigorous scheduling procedures in place, we make sure every client receives their dumpster within a reasonable time frame, helping them get on with the job as quickly as possible. Plus, when you’ve finished filling your dumpster, you can rest assured: We’ll pick it up with the same timeliness and expedience.

The Dumpster Rental Process:

  1. You tell us the size and timeline of the job.
  2. We’ll assess the size and number of dumpsters you need. We’ll also confirm the schedule for delivery and pick-up.
  3. We’ll confirm the price for your rental.
  4. We’ll drop the dumpster off at your location.
  5. You fill it up.
  6. We’ll pick it up and dispose of all waste.

If you ever need to extend the rental, that’s fine by us too. We offer flexible scheduling to ensure every client enjoys a hassle-free rental experience.

Take the stress of junk removal off your shoulders. Contact us to get started today.

Your Best Bet for Local Dumpster Rentals

Cherokee Contracting, Inc. has set itself apart as Bay Shore’s best bet for local dumpster rentals. And it’s not just because we’re timely and affordable. It’s also because we’re committed to customer satisfaction.

Not only do we boast an extensive fleet of haulers, as well as a complete range of roll-off dumpsters to rent. We also keep each of our vehicles and dumpsters in tip-top condition. Each of our dumpsters undergoes thorough cleaning and maintenance after every rental, ensuring they’re ready for you to use.

Courteous, communicative, and professional, our team is always here to serve you. When you need to rent a dumpster, don’t settle for seconds. Choose the best in the business. Choose Cherokee Contracting, Inc..

With our services, you will enjoy:

  • Immaculately well-maintained dump trailers
  • Fast, flexible rentals
  • Personalized drop-off and pick-up options
  • Seamless deliveries and hauling services.

The Better Way to Manage Waste

A roll-off dumpster is the perfect middle-ground between a flatbed truck and a full-size dump truck. Sizeable yet slim, our roll-off dumpsters are relatively lightweight, making them better on fuel and easier to maneuver. Whereas dump trucks have to be parked at a standstill—potentially taking up more space than is necessary—a dumpster can be dropped off right at the waste-collection site. A truck can then pick it back up once it’s full and haul it away, making it easier and more efficient to remove waste, especially in more crowded areas.

You should choose a dumpster rental if:

  • You don’t need a full-size dump truck
  • You need to clean a space in a hard-to-reach or crowded area
  • You want to save on fuel and rental costs

To find out more about the advantages of a roll-off dumpster, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to assess your needs and discuss your options for waste collection and removal.

A Name You Can Trust for Local Dumpsters

We have been providing reliable dumpster rentals in the area for quite some time now, which makes us an easy choice anytime you have a lot of waste or debris to get rid of. We are confident that you will not be disappointed by any aspect of our dumpster service, so keep us in mind and make your next clean-up a simple process.

Dumpster Rentals for Any Purpose

No matter the reason you need a garbage bin rental, we guarantee that our company can accommodate you. We pride ourselves on our flexible rental lengths, multiple sizes of dumpsters, and willingness to adapt our approach to our clients. We service both residential and commercial clients, so you can feel confident every time you contact our company.

Some of the situations where our dumpster rentals can help you include:

  • Construction sites
  • Remodeling projects
  • Moving clean-ups or downsizing
  • Large events
  • And much more

We would be happy to discuss your needs and how we can be of service, so do not hesitate to contact us for everything you need to know about our rentals.

Choosing the Right Dumpster for Your Property

Our staff will be able to assist you with finding a dumpster that will suit your tasks. We have several different sizes of dumpsters, so you never have to worry about taking up too much space on your property or needing to empty out your bin constantly. If you are searching for a dumpster service that provides you with the flexibility you need, then you have come to the right place.

Make Your Life Easier with a Dumpster Rental

If you know that you have a big cleaning job on the horizon and want to make things as simple as possible, then you can't go wrong with our dumpster service. With a dumpster onsite, you can handle your waste disposal while performing other tasks, which ensures that you don't have any extra cleaning to do once the job is done.

We have a great history of customer satisfaction, and many of our clients have remarked at how straightforward our rentals are, so we encourage you to keep us in mind next time you have a lot of waste to dispose of.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

If you need a short-term rental, then our roll-off dumpsters will make things even more convenient. Our roll-off bins can be easily moved around your property and will make your clean-up a breeze. If you are curious about our different dumpsters and which would be best for your job, we invite you to reach out to us for answers to all of your questions.

Free Estimates on Your Dumpster Rentals

We are always willing to speak with prospective customers about our dumpster rental prices. One of our helpful and friendly staff members will consider your needs and help you choose a rental that fits your budget. We pride ourselves on our honest and upfront approach, so you never have to worry about misleading information when you inquire with us.

For Local Dumpster Rental Services, Choose Cherokee Contracting, Inc.

When you need a dumpster in the Bay Shore area, look no further than Cherokee Contracting, Inc.. We’ve established a strong reputation as the area’s premier dumpster rental company. Our friendly customer service, competitive rates, and superior waste-collection services make us the go-to choice. Clients near and far have come to depend on us for timely, reliable dumpster rentals. They’ve all appreciated our professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. Now, you can too.

To get started, we invite you to book a consultation. We can then answer any questions you may have, give you a quote, and schedule you for a rental when you’re ready.

To book your consultation, contact us today.